Susan Rice Has Strong Message On Trump's Asking China To Dig Up Dirt on Biden.

 Here is Susan Rice talking about Trump’s publicly asking China to investigate the Bidens:

Transcripts cannot be ordered online, or so I read.

But Susan Rice breaks down what Trump has done and makes it simple.

  • Trump is asking China to manufacture dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden for his own political gain.
  • Trump has signalled to the Chinese he is willing to make a trade deal that benefits China as long as the Chinese produce dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden.
  • This is a sellout for all the manufacturers and FARMERS who have suffered because of Trump’s tariffs on China.
  • Trump  is direct threat to our democracy.

I especially like Rice’s framing on Trump selling out manufacturers and farmers to obtain dirt on the Bidens.  All those blue collar guys who work for steel mills that are closing and farmers losing their farms may do a double take when they hear that Trump has hurt them for nothing to make a shitty deal with the dreaded Chinese.  It may not sway the stupid, but this message can neutralize Trump’s appeal to say the Midwest.

Just a thought.