Susan Collins on new abortion laws: 'I’m not sure exactly why we're seeing this happen'

“Obtuse” is not a strong enough word for Susan Collins. We need to come up with a more forceful term, like, I don’t know, “fucking obtuse” or “obtuse as shit” or “Jesus Christ, this woman is a fucking idiot.”

In a recent interview with WGME-TV in Portland, Maine, Collins, who (in)famously voted to confirm Supreme Court Jackass Brett “Bart O’Kavanaugh” Kavanaugh, said this:

“Abortion remains a very contentious issue in the country, and people have heartfelt views on both sides of the issue. I’m not sure exactly why we're seeing this happen, but most of the laws are not as extreme as Alabama’s. Alabama seems to have gone further than any other state.”

You really don’t know? Really?

I think you do.

Sen. Collins, do you really think legislatures across the Derp South would be passing increasingly draconian abortion bans if they weren’t emboldened by … something?

You’re up for reelection in 2020, and your race will be closely watched. 

People are already going to sites like this one to contribute to your future opponent’s campaign. I’m not sure exactly why we’re seeing this happen, but it is.

So gird your loins, ma’am. It’s gonna get rough.

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  • May 20, 2019