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Survey USA Poll: Biden and Sanders Leading Trump in NC…

A Survey USA Presidential poll taken in North Carolina from August 1 to August 5 shows Donald Trump losing to Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Other major Democratic candidates are within one or two percent of Trump.

Democrats Trump Margin
Survey USA Poll of North Carolina 8/1 to 8/5
Biden 49% 41% D +8
Sanders 47% 43% D +4
Warren 44% 43% D +1
Harris 43% 44% D -1
Buttigieg 41% 43% D -2

The poll also measured two people who are not running. Oprah Winfrey would get 45% support against 43% for Trump. Michele Obama would receive 50% against 43% for Trump.…

Survey USA also polled California where all the Democrats outpoll Trump by more than 20%. While it might not seem important since any Democrat could surely defeat Trump in California, there are many down ballot races that could be influenced by  a huge landslide.

Democrats Trump Margin
Survey USA Poll of California 8/1 to 8/5
Biden 61% 27% D +34
Sanders 62% 29% D +33
Warren 58% 30% D +28
Harris 57% 30% D +27
Buttigieg 53% 30% D +23

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