I’d prefer a more scientific survey, but that wouldn’t be nearly as funny, would it?

Also, I pretty much already knew that Trump supporters haven’t read the “transcript” (which, to be fair, isn’t a real transcript) because 1) they’re Trump supporters, 2) I sincerely doubt they know what a transcript is, 3) if they had read the transcript, even they might see how truly incriminating it is, and 4) they get all the information they’ll ever need from Dear Leader.

Still, this is pretty revealing. From The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper:



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Here’s my favorite bit:

JORDAN KLEPPER: Have you read the transcript?

RANDO MAGA MORON: Uh, I trust the word of our president, man.

You do? Sure. Why not? Go with that, then.

Watch the whole video. It’s a scream … in more ways than one.

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