When I say I live in the most red part of Florida, I mean it and now I have proof.   Republicans were kicked out of the Trump/Pence headquarters in Citrus County Florida.  When Florida went Trump….Citrus county was the 1st to show up on the map of red.

Citrus County backers of President Donald Trump’s re-election believe they’re better off going into the campaign season separated from the Republican Party.
The President Trump Club of Citrus County dropped “Republican” from its name after deciding to end its charter with the Republican Party of Florida, club president Billy Cayce said.

The separation between the Citrus Trump club and the Republican Party is occurring throughout the state, at least on a temporary basis.

Trump clubs in Orange and Palm Beach counties attracted scrutiny from the Republican Party or Trump’s official campaign for the ways they were portraying themselves.www.chronicleonline.com/…

Cayce said the Citrus Trump club decided to formalize the separation from the Republican Party, but both organizations can support Trump’s re-election.
“It allows us to work for the president,” he said, “in a more direct way.”

In a more direct way….hmmmm.  I wonder what that means…Someone from the media should ask.

More corruptly, more lies, more threats, how?  How could they top the funding from the lying republicans?  A question that begs to be answered.


Commissioner Jimmie T. Smith was looking forward to attending the rally for President Donald Trump on Saturday at Scott Adams’s 1,500-acre Moon Lake Ranch in Floral City.
So was Avis Craig, the longtime Citrus County Republican and its current state committeewoman.
But neither will be there. Same for an unknown number of other Republicans who were bluntly told by Adams or the Republican club sponsoring the event they are not welcome


I don’t know why they all just didn’t meet up at the local Klan spot.  I am sure many republicans would fit in.  

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