Surprise! Sen. Murkowski not sure Trump has learned his lesson

Let’s see, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski voted to block witnesses in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and also voted to acquit our ocher overlord.

And now Trump is on a rampage, interfering in the sentencing of his cronies, firing witnesses, and generally behaving as if he’s above the law.

What say you, Sen. Murkowski?

REPORTER 1: “Do you think the president learned any lessons from being impeached?”
REPORTER 2: “Are you concerned that he learned the opposite lesson?”
MURKOWSKI: “Well, there haven’t been very strong indicators this week that he has.”

You can go here to listen to the clip. It’s clear from the context that she’s referring to the first reporter’s question.

Of course, Murkowski is supposed to be one of the Senate’s “moderate” Republicans. In this case, that’s a little like saying hell has “moderate” demons who make the fireplace pokers red hot instead of white hot and let you have your pick of orifices.

Did this idiot really think Donald Effing Trump would learn anything? When has that every happened?

Thanks for everything, Sen. Murkowski. Your place in history is set … whether you like it or not.

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