A Morning Consult Poll of voter’s opinions of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, shows that support for the health insurance program is continuing to grow. Some 55% of Americans supported it in March 2020 and 62% support it today.

The survey shows that 85% of Democrats, 59% of Independents and 36% of Republicans now say they support it. Opposition among Republicans has shrunk from 56% six months ago to 49% today.

Twenty percent of Americans say they want the law struck down, nine percent want it left alone, and 56% want it to be strengthened. When it comes to pre-existing conditions, 79% of voters want them covered by health insurance.

Voters trust Joe Biden more on health insurance by 61% over 29% who say they trust Trump more. All the promises that Trump and Republicans have made about a health insurance program to replace the Affordable Care Act seem to no longer impress.

This will be a key issue as the 2020 election campaigns continue and will certainly be brought up in the confirmation hearings of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, and the presidential debate tonight.

What has changed is the amount of bragging Republicans will do about the 50 or so times they have tried to kill Obamacare, especially as the pandemic continues to rage.