As a native Wisconsinite who’s fled that Trumpian wasteland for greener pastures on the Left Coast, I can attest that Badgers don’t need much of an excuse to hit the bars. Do people in wedding parties go bar-hopping between the ceremony and the reception in other states? Do they? Well, they sure do in Wisconsin

So it didn’t surprise me to see bars packed fuller than a Packer fan’s bladder on a football Sunday after the state supreme court struck down Gov. Tony Evers’ safer-at-home order last week.

Well, new research is showing what a dumb decision that almost certainly was.

After Republicans forced Wisconsinites to choose between their safety and their right to vote back on April 7, many wondered if it would lead to a spike in coronavirus infections.

And — surprise! — according to a new University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh study, it has.

According to a paper by UW-Oshkosh economists Chad Cotti, Bryan Engelhardt, and Joshua Foster, which they wrote in collaboration with colleagues at Ball State University, there has been a “significant association” between the spread of COVID-19 and in-person voting during Wisconsin’s primary election.


“Our results confirm the Wisconsin Department of Health Services findings on the link between the spread of COVID-19 and voting using testing and tracing methods,” Engelhardt said. “However, the tracing investigation undertaken was not comprehensive, and our results indicate a much larger potential relationship.”

The research showed that counties that had more in-person voters per location, like Brown County and Milwaukee County—with all else being equal—had a higher rate of positive COVID-19 tests than counties with relatively fewer in-person voters.

“Furthermore, we find a consistent negative relationship between absentee voting and the rate of positive COVID-19 tests. Similar to patterns with in-person voting, this association appears two to three weeks after the election and persists across a number of specification tests, but it is not observed in the week prior to the election,” Engelhardt explained.

So remember this when Republicans balk at efforts to ramp up absentee voting this fall. They want more people to die so they can hang onto power. Full stop.

In fact, Donald Trump flat-out admitted that more mail-in voting is bad for Republicans (i.e., more people voting means more Democrats win races), and they can’t have that. So, Grandma, you’ve got to take one for the team. Hope your death doesn’t prove too inconvenient for you. We’ll make it up to you … somehow.

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