The GOP wants you to be afraid, be very afraid. Trump wants you to pay attention anything other than the activity the Kremlin is doing for him and the GOP. Especially if you (still) live in the suburbs. And then Trump reveals his inner narcissist from the 1980s still afraid of the 1960s… Trump needs those voters’ fears, even if they’re now fears of COVID-19.

Trump now repeatedly mentions the 1950s but clearly only wants to keep the 2016 base together even as everything as moved on. Even anti-modernism moves forward, however glacially in history. Trump thinks that somehow no one can remember that Putin was a KGB officer who practiced his craft in East Germany.



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Mental health professionals have a 'duty to warn' about a leader who may be unfit to serve. Otto Kernberg, a psychoanalyst specializing in borderline personalities, defined malignant narcissism as having four components: narcissism, paranoia, antisocial personality and sadism. Trump exhibits all four.…

JONATHAN V. LAST at the Bulwark:


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President Trump’s coronavirus management ratings have been plummeting (67% disapproved in an ABC/Ipsos poll last week) and if a better public-relations plan is in the works, it’s not apparent. . . .

The problem is that the White House seems to have given up on projecting any consistent virus message, and the descent into internal sniping amplifies a perception of dysfunction that is politically damaging.

The media are propagating the view that the U.S. is a coronavirus basket case. In fact, the per-capita death rate remains lower than that of some major countries in Western Europe. . . .

Mr. Trump’s messaging has caromed from saying the virus isn’t a problem, to the economy must shut down to crush it, to the economy must open and everything will soon go back to normal, to barely talking about it at all as cases rise. . . .

This is a mess, and if it continues Republicans will be routed in November. . . .

Today President Trump’s opponents can depict the White House as resigned, lacking direction, and more eager to disparage medical authorities than rally them to implement the Administration’s strategy. Time is running out to change that perception.

What reality do the Wall Street Journal editors live in?

Because nothing in this piece—not one single line—addresses the reality of the world as it exists.

Instead, they are fixated on secondary, tertiary, and quaternary concerns: Public relations. Messaging. The media. Depictions. Perceptions.

The real world is the one that matters.…


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More payoffs:


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