Strategist: GOP Civil War over & Conservatives lost. Two parties left, traitors & patriots

Strategist: GOP Civil War is over & Conservatives have lost. Two parties left, traitors & patriots.

Democratic Strategist Cornell Belcher hits the nail on the head. The GOP civil war is over. The cancer of what’s left is a clear and present danger.

Strategist Cornell Belcher gets it right

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The morning shows today were not very good. I still do not believe the news media has caught up with how serious the problems of the United States are. They continue, even as they are holding Republicans a bit more accountable, to attempt the false balance, the false equivalences. That is why I found the short snippet with Cornell Belcher the most important message out of all morning news programs today.

Cornell first pointed out that a party with 25% of the population and declining is not a party that can win in a democracy. He said if you are basing what you do on lies you are not a party of big ideas.

But then he said something very prescient.

“There is a bigger thing afoot here,” Belcher said. “I don’t often disagree with President Biden. But President Biden said there is a mini civil war in the Republican Party. Chuck, the civil war is over. And the Conservatives have lost. They have lost to tribalists who want to promote a big lie.”

Belcher then pointed out that what the Republicans are promoting is intended to undermining Democracy. He then reminded us of an applicable statement by Ulysses Grant.

“There is something bigger at stake here than just partisanship,” Belcher continued. “With all this talk about civil war, I think that Ulysses S. Grant at the start of the civil way said ‘There are but two parties now, traitors and patriots.’ I am afraid Chuck that we are increasingly coming back to that time.”

And if we do not understand fundamentally what is occurring in America, we will lose it all.

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  • May 9, 2021
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