Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic Vaporizer


This item is for sale and features digital controls with a wider range of temperature settings (104°F – 446°F), blowbags, and a direct pull whip. It also has a full suite of controls and features, like workflows, through the Bluetooth Storz & Bickel app. The Hybrid produces slightly higher temperatures than the Classic. It can be set at +- 1.5degC / 2.5degF. The digital display will show you the current temperature as well as the set temperature. Planet of the Vapes’ devices are made to be used with legal dry herbs blends. Planet of the Vapes does not sell products that can be used with nicotine products, tobacco, or as a replacement for tobacco.

I highly recommend checking out the entire list here but I’ve listed some of my personal favorites below. The Mighty+ 2021 Model is the best deal, at $299. The Planet of the Vapes ONE ($80), is still one of the most affordable dry herb vaporizers available for less than $100. cheap volcano vaporizer alternative Vaporizer is the ultimate way to release the aroma and flavor from your herbs and oils.

Your vote will help the community find the best deals. We don’t sell e-liquids and e-juices because they are unhealthy. Dabbing is more popular than ever thanks to its powerful effects as well as the flavorful rips. Dab rigs capture the efficiency of dabs with the cooling effect of bongs to get users dense and delicious clouds. I don’t like how loud this Volcano’s pump kicks on, compared to older models.

For more information, including photos and details on the various sizes and grind plates, see my full Brilliant Cutting Grinder Reviews. ALSO, they are specializing in the sale of all their factory spares. This includes all grinders that didn’t pass QC. I.E. You can still use your standard Brilliant Cut Grinder with minor scratches, blemishes, etc.

  • April 18, 2023