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stop with the “revolution vs. return to normalcy” meme, because nothing about Trump is normal

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We’re going to see a lot of triangulating until the convention. The Nation endorsed Warren.


Biden’s folks need to be more concerned about what a unity ticket will look like and not rely on the superficial differences that Trump will exploit in the swing states.



— Matt Rogers 🎙 (@Politidope) March 5, 2020

“Is it gonna look bad?”




— Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) March 5, 2020


The RWNJs at the Federalist decided that Sinophobia is more important and that Trump at the very least, “must appear to be acting”. Even Reagan did that better than a TV reality show host.

Finally, the White House must consider this in purely Machiavellian terms: Despite all his advantages going into 2020, this virus truly could lose Trump the election. Not because the economy tanks temporarily, but because America faced danger and the president didn’t appear to be vigorously acting.

A leader should always be seen as acting, even if the actions don’t matter. Think of President Obama during the hurricane versus George W. Bush. Think of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the Great Depression—he might have made things worse, but he was seen as always acting.

This issue naturally favors President Trump, and calls into question the basic benefits of globalization and integration with China. Right now, Trump’s biggest weakness going into the election is not getting tough soon enough. There’s little political risk to reacting strongly. Economic risk, yes. But little political risk. Political risk is highly skewed in the direction of doing too little.

The American people will put up with tough measures—even an overreaction—about this virus. The problem may be that Trump is surrounded by advisors who care too greatly about the concerns of international business and Wall Street. Trump needs to push back, or he risks losing in 2020.…

Trump told Hannity that “in one way, he hated to” bring back Americans from the Diamond Princess cruise — “statistically, I hated to do it” — since it would increase the number of US coronavirus cases, and he wondered, “Is it gonna look bad?”


— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) March 5, 2020


— Ryan Struyk (@ryanstruyk) March 5, 2020


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Rodrigo R. Paz @rodrigorpaz Coronavirus COVID-19 Logarithmic (loglog) Graph 2020-3-3 Update & Epidemics' growth rates -right axis,  actual mortality rate and deaths.

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