The President has adopted a serious tone; it is not political, and Mr. Trump is a wartime President. All the previous statements are being palmed-off to the public as truths about President Trump and his handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic. I am sorry, but Mr. Trump is only consistent in one aspect of his life, pleasing Donald Trump. His so-called seriousness included an implied joke about sex with models, pseudo-medical advice and the prerequisite shifting of the blame to his enemies.  We are not on a war footing we are suffering a lack of leadership. For ten days or more, the ‘commander-in-chief’ has sat on the power to send in more aid. The Defense Production Act, which gives the president the power to order the manufacture and distribution of supplies in a time of crisis, is being wielded as a ploy to fool his followers while they somnambulate through a nightmarish president.

People are dying by the thousands, yet the President is still trying to negotiate deals for his business friends and partners to gouge the American public.  Coincidentally, while he publicized an issue with the company 3M saying, we are “not happy” with them, Kentucky Democratic Rep. John Yarmuth told morning radio host Stephanie Miller [broadcast 4/2/20: 1:10:44] ] that a local hospital in his jurisdiction reported having 3M shipments confiscated by FEMA. The question has to be asked why, and to what benefit of Donald Trump?  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called for bi-partisan investigations to start now before it is inexorably too late. Of course, the Trump administration yelled political witch hunt.  

As for this incessant need of the press to keep talking about the President’s tone, as if that matters, I am reminded of the statement, watch what he does not what he says.” As an addendum, not the tone of voice in which he says it. The previous quote I paraphrased from an article written by Vox’s Matthew Yglesias Jan. 20, 2017. I took a moment during our semi-nationwide stay-at-home order and re-read his column.  It was so prescient and obvious how could the American public have ignored it?

We elected a con man folks, whether it was out of desperation, fear or what I believe was a want for the return,  renewal, and acceptance of open racism. It was fun and games to see Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders audition for a night at the Improv at press briefings. We laughed out loud when Kellyanne Conway tried redefining the truth. “The Mooch” [Anthony Scaramucci] doing his best Sonny Corleone impression, made us want to grab for a Cannoli.

We now have refrigeration trucks backing up to the rears of local hospitals, loading the bodies of COVID-19 victims and the smiling has stopped.  The lies no longer bring lip curling grins and the Trump dessert is rancid. If this were a war, we would be going into battle with an admiral whose experience is a game of Battleship. The problem is, you cannot reset the lives of the dead or their families because they are not tokens on a game board.  The next roll of the dice is in November America, take it down.

Vote in 2020 for Change.      

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