Stop the Fear, Just Vote BIGLY – Olivia Benson, Attorney/Author discusses empowerment

Americans must disregard the president’s words. He wants to paralyze Americans from voting. Olivia Benson’s spiritual advice should empower.

Don’t be paralyzed by fear, VOTE—Inspiring words from Olivia Benson.

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  • Americans for two days are in an uproar over what seems like a Trump threat to stay in power even if he loses, the likely occurrence. How many times does this president have to tell us his words are either lies or powerless before we start disregarding him completely? His followers, while misinformed and loud, are in the minority, and the militant ones even fewer. Stop the fear and go vote BIGLY.
  • Attorney & Author Olivia Benson visits us at the right time with an empowering message. She is the author of the book “Answers From Within: Answers to Work Life Issues in the Age of Spiritual Evolution” that codifies her empowerment message. It is a read that whether male or female will elevate one’s thought process/

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  • September 24, 2020