STOP asking whether Trump believes in man-made global warming, like it is an open question


The weirdest, dumbest and most negligent thing among the press today is to ask and re-ask whether Trump believes in climate change science . . . . and, worse, characterize it as an on-going “secret.”  As just some examples, see “Does Donald Trump Still Think Climate Change Is a Hoax? No One Can Say” (NYT), “The White House’s secret: Trump’s beliefs about climate change” (MSNBC/Steve Benen), or “What does Trump believe about climate change? His aides won't say, and you can't ask him” (CNN), and on and on. 

For Fuck’s Sake, in case this wasn't easy enough, Vox helpfully compiled the 115 times Trump has tweeted his personal belief that climate change is a hoax. 115 fucking times on Twitter alone!

What in the world is going on with the national press?  What drives them to be apologists and enablers to a level this extraordinary?  

Want a headline?  “Trump Believes Climate Change is a Chinese Hoax; Pulls U.S. Out of Paris Accords On Basis Of Radical, Disturbing Conspiratorial Views.”  

What the hell is so hard about that?  What is the vested institutional negligence and complicity that haunts the U.S press?  On same basic level, who do they think that their audience is?