Stock Market booming. Unemployment low. Yet there’s another sad reality for most.

I received a meme in my Facebook feed recently about the record high stock market as it relates to what real people are going through. I addressed it on my Politics Done Right on KPFT 90.1 FM Houston show with input from our millennial engineer Lupita. Watch this snippet with her input which gives a good perspective.

The Stock Market is no indicator of the economic state of the masses.

Watch the entire episode here.

The next time you feel poor, and can't fill your gas tank, and you hold back tears trying to put together a grocery trip that can get you and your family through the week on just $40, remember that the stock market is at a record high and America is great again.


My response on Facebook: Exactly. Only a few partaking of this “great economy.” Ask yourself a question. Why aren't wages going way up with so little unemployment? Does supply and demand work no more. It is not about economics 101 anymore. It is about a rigged economy with a population manipulated to believe this is all they can strive for and anything different is on the fringe. Well I say, these hoarders are the fringe and it is my job along with the job of every progressive activist out there to shine the light on the truth and disinfect the pathogens,

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