New Gallup data shows a possible path to victory for Bernie Sanders

I want to congratulate Bernie Sanders on his victory in the Nevada Caucus.  It is going to take some time for us to see the final tally and the data.  And I have been watching some of the coverage on MSNBC.  This is my initial read from what I can see of Sanders’ victory:

  • Biden is still alive, but he is still 0-3.  When you say that you are the one to beat Donald Trump and you keep losing Democratic primary contests, it punctures your electability argument, especailly when you are a former VP.
  • I’m a Warren supporter, but this was another bad result with her also at 0-3.  She dominated the latest debate, but it looks like it came too late to help her campaign.
  • Buttigieg gives his standard “I can unify the Democratic Party” speech, but he goes on the attack on Bernie Sanders.  And I enjoyed Joy Reid’s “proof of concept” quip with regards to Buttigieg.  To wit, Buttigieg is the reverse Obama.  Buttigieg needed to prove he can win over Latino and black voters, and he didn’t in NV.  Still waiting on the final data, but the entrance poll they keep going back to on MSNBC showed that Buttigieg got 10% of Latinos and 2% of black voters.  In other words, he bombed.  And one more thing MEDIA darling Pete: your arrogance is showing.  
  • Amy Klobuchar has the same lack of appeal to Latino and black voters as Buttigieg.  Where does she go to prove that she can unite Democrats when she can’t get Latino and black voters who make up some of the most loyal voters in the Democratic coalition?
  • Tom Steyer spent some money in NV, or so some have reported.  But he didn’t do well tonight.  It’s funny how a more progressive billionaire doens’t get any of the media hype that other more conservative billionaires like Schultz, who dropped out of the race, or Bloomberg receive.
  • Bernie Sanders brings out the worst in old wealthy white dudes who are a part of the Democratic establishment.

Look at how well James Carville took Bernie Sanders’ victory:



— Chris Hansen (@tankcat) February 22, 2020

Old wealthy white dude who holds place in the Democratic establishment comparing Sander to the Nazis invading France.

As for Carville, didn’t he help out Hillary lose to Barack Obama in 2008?  And wasn’t he around for 2016?

It appears that none of the other candidates are going to leave the field until after Super Tuesday.

And that is all I have for now.

Update:  I changed the wording of one sentence that offended a bunch of folks.  No, I am not homophobic.  But Mayor Pete would not be around if the Media did not hype him in my opinion.  People are also missing the point that Pete can be condenscending and arrogant. 

  • February 23, 2020