Still MIA: exactly what authorities or expertise do supposedly reasonable Republicans rely upon?

For obvious reasons, most of the press initially swooned when Senator Collins, Romney, et al. made a misnamed “bipartisan” counter-offer to President Biden as to the Covid-relief bill.  I did notice that the press quickly kind of swung back against this narrative somewhat.  It is really hard not to considering Republicans are filibustering the bill, the offer was only a 1/3 of Biden’s position, and given some needed reminders of Republicans' prior bad faith negotiating/obstruction history.

But there is one more crucial thing that needs to be added front and center – what knowledgeable person supports the Republican compromise position?  As far as I can tell, the answer is no one.  And when did that become something you don’t report?  
As best I can tell, the Biden/Democratic Covid bill is supported by the Treasury Secretary, the Federal Reserve, most (all?) reputable economists, and Red and Blue state governors.  I haven’t confirmed, but I’m pretty sure it is supported by the research desks at all the major Wall Street firms, and presumably all or most of the obscure “council of economic advisors” type organizations.  
Yes, I know support for the Democratic position because it is reported.  I’m not alleging a massive cover-up.  But, again, who supports the lesser plan proposed by a mere 10 Republican Senators (much less the official Republican position of filibustering all relief and doing nothing)?  If the answer is virtually no one, shouldn’t it be reported that way – and a major part of the reporting?  
In particular, I wonder when the 10 Republican Senators recently met with Biden . . . what do they say?  Who do they cite to support their arguments?  If the country is having a debate, who is on the other side of the debate? How is this a debate at all?
And this is doubly important because the silliness to danger of Republican arguments (on a variety of subjects) is often most starkly illustrated when Republicans are forced to identify their authorities.  Oh, your relying on the “My Pillow” guy, or someone who has no degree or experience in immunology, or a cable TV host, not an economist, etc.?  
Wouldn't the first questions to Collins, Murkowski, Romney, etc. be: “How did you formulate your proposed bill?”  “Who did you listen to?” “Why do they (if they exist) believe the majority consensus is wrong?”   “Are they available for interviews?”
 This isn't “gotcha” journalism, but basic journalism.  Why isn't it happening?

  • February 3, 2021