Steve Schmidt's most effective takedown of Donald Trump to date

Steve Schmidt is a regular critic of the president. But today he strung an all-encompassing narrative that highlights his incompetence and danger.

Steve Schmidt did not hold back

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Steve Schmidt once again appeared on the 11th Hour with Brian Williams. I listen to two or three channels at the same time as I am blogging. As Williams announced Schmidt, in my mind I started the countdown to his rather consistent Trump take-down. After about a minute into it, a listened more attentively.

This one was not like the others. This take-down was one of those with staying power. The ones that leave you thinking about how bad the president really is.

Williams asked three questions. It led to Steve’s rant that needed no threads to stitch together. And at that point the questions were irrelevant.

Schmidt makes it clear that the real cause of the American cratering economy is not the virus but Trump’s incompetence.

“And when we look at the economy,” Schmidt said. “I think it’s important to understand the economy did not collapse because of the coronavirus and it is not collapsed in other countries around the world. It collapsed because of the ineptitude of the governmental response to it and he’s making it worse.”

I wonder how many Americans know that voting for Trump has made many foreigners question the pedestal they once had Americans on. It turns out they can make colossal mistakes as well.

“What the country has been saddled with is a level of ineptitude and incompetence,” Steve said. “That makes our allies tremble and our adversaries cheer.”

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  • May 6, 2020