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Steve Schmidt: Watch it all go down in two weeks. Consequences are coming for Donald Trump.

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Steve Schmidt articulated his belief that Trump will lose in a landslide. But his last utterance is likely the reason behind an unhinged president. He appeared in the Rachel Maddow show.

Steve Schmidt nails it

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Every time I listen to brother Steve Schmidt I always try to remember that he was a Republican who has not changed his strong Conservative beliefs. I respect him even more for that fact. We talk a lot about the country over party/ That is what we need right now, and he, along with several other good Republicans, are doing.

Steve continues a well-polished critique of Donald Trump, reminding us that he is the worst president America has ever had. He gets even more poignant as he rightfully points out that Trump is shrinking before our eyes. But it is his closing paragraph that bites.

“He has brought destruction to the country,” Steve Schmidt said. “We are going to watch it all go down in two weeks. Consequences are coming for Donald Trump.”

As a naturalized citizen who has watched America from the outside, I will categorically say that the America that would emerge if Trump got a second term would be a different country. I am sure many Americans know that they will do the right thing while moot in their commentary.

After Biden wins, Steve Schmidt and many Republicans who turned on Trump and the Republican party will officially be without a party. They have three options.

  1. Join the Democratic Party
  2. Join a reconstituted Republican Party
  3. Remain uncommitted.

One hopes option one is off the table. I rather a solid opposition than a cooptation. If Republican refugees merge with the Democratic Party, Progressives will have that much more stairs to climb to get to the promised land. Every who helped the win will justifiably want to be heard. They will want to extract some policies for their assistance. But the party's victory will be short-lived if it forgets the party's leftward move and the corresponding policies.

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