Steve Schmidt: This is all going down. The stench of defeat lingers all around this.

Once again, Steve Schmidt hits it out of the park. He nails the president's family as the corrupt one. And said Joe Biden is pretty clean. The stench of defeat is in the air.

Obama calls out Trump viciously

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MSNBC Host Ari Melber pointed out that Donald Trump had the nerve to question the Biden family on the subject of corruption. One must remember the number of those close to Trump who was indicted or convicted.

Steve Schmidt said that he ran the McCain campaign, it was clear that Joe Biden was squeaky clean. He then pointed out how corrupt the Trump children are. He reminded everyone that China awarded Ivanka many patents as she became the first daughter.

Steve had a lot of doozies in his prose as he always does. But the following one is the one every Progressive wants to hear.

“This is all going down,” Steve Schmidt said. “The poll numbers are collapsing. The stench of defeat lingers all around this.”

Let's be clear. The polls can say anything. It is not realized until we go out and vote. There should be no excuse to sit out this one. Electing a new president is existential for the country as we know it.

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  • October 23, 2020