Steve Schmidt continues on the trek to define Trump ensuring that no one will be confused about their vote in 2020. He contrasts Biden and Trump clinically, a MUST SEE.

Steve Schmidt skewers Trump with new talking points.

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Steve Schmidt never disappoints. He used his writing and oratory skills to put the president, Biden, and the election in the right context.

Schmidt said that the American people are coming to the realization that we are living in truly historic times.

“Never in all the course of human history have we ever had an American leader who has performed as incompetently and ineptly as has Donald Trump during the course of this pandemic,” Schmidt said. “And as a result, we have a shattered economy. The United States is the epicenter of Coronavirus disease and death.”

He continued pointing out that we are way north of 100,000 deaths and over 40 million people out of work. He correctly points out that no other country's people have suffered the economic fall Americans have. Of course, this is true because all OECD nations except the United States value humanity and as such have laws that protect their citizens in the downturns caused by an inhumane economic system.

Schmidt continued. He called out the president's violence against peaceful protesters outside of the White House.

“The American people have seen this clinic of ineptitude play out now for months,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt then went on to contrast Biden with Donald Trump as only he can. It is the best part of the piece as he does it in a sort of call & response song, a polychoral antiphony. I don't think Trump will take kindly to this one either.

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