Steve Schmidt scorches Republican Party & Senators as an irredeemable threat. But Beware!

Steve Schmidt deconstructs the state of the Republican Party as he enumerates all the ills of the party including the President & Senators.

Steve Schmidt wants Trump's sycophants out of office too

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Steve Schmidt did not pull any punches. He made it clear just as the group he is a part of, The Lincoln Project has. It isn't just Trump who must go. His sycophants must as well.

Schmidt singled out Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Joni Ernst, Martha McSally, Cory Gardner, Josh Hawley, and others. He called out their hypocrisy and equated some to being empty vessels.

Schmidt says that the Republican Party is irredeemable. He once again pointed out that Trump is the worse president the country has ever had and is responsible for what likely will be 200,000+ dead Americans by election day.

Please listen to the entire rant and to my commentary at the end. I wanted to make it clear that progressive Democrats must beware. The same former Republicans that are helping to ensure a landslide both for the presidency and his sycophants, will be fighting us for very specific reasons when we take power in January 2021.

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