Steve Schmidt: Republicans to tell Trump You are Fired

Steve Schmidt once again accurately explained in a very detailed manner all the reasons why Donald Trump will be fired by Republicans.

Steve Schmidt hits the nail on the head.

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Steve Schmidt's commentary is important especially for those who are still currently supporting Donald Trump. His first sentences set the stage.

“I think Republicans are part of a coalition that wants to turn Donald Trump out of office because he's the worst president in the history of the country,” Steve Schmidt said. “He's a profound threat to the security of the country and we have absolutely zero chance and by zero chance I mean zero, Z-E-R, zero chance of moving past this with Donald Trump in that job. He is completely unfit for it. He is unfit mentally. He is unfit physically. He is unfit intellectually.”

Steve would go on to point out that Trump is a conspiracy theorist that has caused the deaths of over a hundred thousand Americans because of his incompetence and ineptitude.

Steve Schmidt ends his soliloquy with a statement that is most apropos.

“We stand at a moment of abject American weakness, a tragedy that can't end until he's gone,” said Schmidt. “And that's why there are so many groups out there telling the truth on Donald Trump trying to convince these Republican voters to say you're fired.”

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