Steve Schmidt masterful takedown of Trump’s entire debate performance

One would think that Steve Schmidt would exhaust superlatives to describe Trump for what he is. He never disappoints. This is a classic.

Steve Schmidt shines with this Trump takedown

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Steve Schmidt appeared on a pretty full panel after the debate. He did not take kindly to Donald Trump's behavior. He excoriated him much harder than most.

“This debate was a debacle for Donald Trump,” Steve Schmidt said. “And I think it is the beginning of the end presidency. What you will see in the next couple days is movement by at least a couple of points, probably outside the margin of error. You will really see the gravel start to slip and all this start to go down.”

Schmidt said you won't see any Senators coming out to defend Trump's abysmal performance.

“What this was tonight was a disgrace,” Steve continued. “It was a national humiliation. You saw a president who was unhinged, lying, sweaty, disheveled, angry, petulant, and most important of all, completely incapable of making any type of argument about why he should have four more years. He appeared to be crazy most of the debate.”

Steve pointed out that Biden had some great moments on COVID, the economy, & the military. He then deconstructed how 2016 differs from 2020. He made an important observation. Biden's lead and strength are tempered, and Trump's lead magnified because of the media's fear of being wrong.

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  • September 30, 2020