Steve Schmidt: Cannot let these people back into power until the autocratic faction is underground

Former Republican and still conservative Steve Schmidt is a real patriot. He has put country over party with this imploring statement.

Steve Schmidt is a real patriot

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I am sure I can't entirely agree with Steve Schmidt on economics and likely many social issues. I am for a government with more power than any corporation or combination thereof. Why? Government is we-the-people. Steve, I am sure, has less faith in the collective and veers more toward the individual. These are policies we can debate and ultimately come out with a solution we can all live with till the next go-round or till we can sell our point to the voting masses.

The problem is when an autocracy is in the making. All of that goes out the door. Unfortunately, one often does not realize a country is on the path to authoritarianism until it is already there. Patriots like Steve Schmidt go the extra mile not solely by allying but becoming part of the only governing party left. He has done that. And his recent statement is not only a warning to anyone contemplating voting for any Republican.

“We have a two-party system. It's an enormous deal,” said Steve Schmidt. “It's a threat to the continuation and survival of the republic. And the fact of the matter is, this Republican party is a coalition that includes fascist, proud boy, extremists, neo-Nazis, a people filled with racial animus, and they're all part of a coalition. And, of course, those parts cannot and do not fit together. But nevertheless, it's a convenient coalition because they seek to get back into political power. And you cannot let these people back into political power under any circumstances until the autocratic movement inside that party, which dominates it completely, is underground. In effect, what he's telling is still the good people of America, good Republicans included. At this point in time, a vote for Republicans is a vote to turn the country into a fashion state.”

Schmidt has a way with words. One could not make that statement any better than he did.

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  • February 15, 2022