Sure. You’re not working right now anyway for some reason. Right? Hit the highways. Check out some roadside diners. Jump feet first into the Grand Canyon. Why the fuck not? I hear Amity Island is relatively shark-free this time of year.

Talking Points Memo:

During an interview with Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo on Monday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said it was “too hard to tell at this point” whether international travel would be possible this year due to COVID-19.

“But it’s great time to explore America,” the Trump administration official told Bartiromo. “A lot of people haven’t seen many parts of America.”

“I wish I could get back on the road soon,” he added.

But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines urge people against embarking on any kind of non-essential travel, including road trips.



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‘Rona trip! Whooooooooooooo! 

Everyone sing along with me! “See the USA with your blocked airway!”

Thanks, Disease Vector Mnuchin! I’ll get right on that.

No, really, I will. Right after I squeegee the corona droplets off my windshield.

And hey foreign travelers! Come check us out! We only lead the next most infected country in the world by a smidge less than a million cases. Come see what makes America the undisputed world leader in everything! You’ll likely get shot to death here before your lungs fill up with fluid anyway, so no worries.


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