Okay, we are officially in the upside-down.

Whoever had “the U.S. treasury secretary gets in a Twitter spat with Guns N’ Roses’ frontman Axl Rose and then posts Liberian flag to show his patriotism” on their apocalypse bingo card wins an extra cookie today.

When the clone I use to harvest hair plugs wakes up out of his coma, I think I’ll tell him a satanic cabal of Chuck E. Cheese franchisees has established a one-world government and forced us all into subterranean sugar mines — you know, just to soften the blow a bit before I tell him the world is actually in much deeper shit than that.


No one seems to know what Axl was talking about, but I have never so strongly concurred with a drug-withdrawal hallucination in my life, let me just say.

Of course, you’d think the U.S. treasury secretary would have his hands full during a once-in-a-lifetime economic meltdown, but you’d be wrong. He responded.

And to show his patriotism, he appended a … Liberian flag.

And Axl’s response?

Okay, that was fun.

Enjoy the rest of your day, folks.

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