This never should have been close. Stephen Moore is a well-known supply-side, trickle-down hack who has been consistently wrong about nearly everything for decades. Which is naturally why Trump loves him. (Actually, Trump’s affinity for Moore probably stems from the fact that Moore co-wrote a book, Trumponomics, with Trump’s name in the title.)

Of course, Moore’s nomination — for the Federal Reserve Board, FFS — should have been instantly scuttled when this Moore quote from 2016 surfaced: Well, you know, I’m not an expert on monetary policy.” Uh huh.

Or when he risibly claimed that the Dow will plunge to 2,400 if a Democrat is elected president. (Of course, the stock market soared under the last Democratic president, and the market historically performs far better under Democratic presidents than Republicans.)

But now, thanks to several off-the-charts sexist and/or boneheaded comments he’s made over the years in columns and interviews, Moore appears to be headed the way of Herman Cain.


“It’s going to be a problematic nomination. I actually like Stephen Moore but there’s some things out there that are going to make it hard,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), a close Trump ally. Whether he proceeds “will be up to the president. He needs to start talking to members of the Senate. There are a lot of people that have concerns about some of the issues. It’d be tough” to confirm him.

[Joni] Ernst (R-Iowa), another member of GOP leadership, described herself as “unenthused” by the nomination on Monday, and many other GOP senators remain noncommittal. Moore likely needs to get 50 of the 53 GOP senators to be confirmed, with Democrats signaling partywide opposition.

A Republican senator familiar with party dynamics had a blunt assessment of Moore’s current predicament: “I don’t imagine he can get the votes.”

Whoops. Well, I guess L’il Donny is oh-fer-two on his dangerously stupid Fed Board nominees.

I can only imagine who’s on deck. Brian Kilmeade, anyone?

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  • April 30, 2019