Stephen Miller visits 'Fox News Sunday' to gaslight the country

Stephen Miller is patient zero in the nativist, anti-immigrant contagion that’s swept across our country. Sure, Donald Trump ran on white racial grievance, but he can’t focus on anything for too long — not even his deep-seated prejudices and the cruelty that naturally springs from them.

Without Miller, the administration might have drifted into something resembling rapprochement — just because Trump hates crafting policy and would have preferred to spend four years tweeting angrily atop a fort of ‘70s-era Styrofoam Big Mac containers specially manufactured for his use by orphans in secret, poorly ventilated North Korean sweatshops. (For the record, I have no evidence that this actually isn’t happening.)

But Miller is “lawful,” not chaotic, evil — and he can gaslight as well as anyone in this administration.

On Fox News Sunday this morning, he went at it hammer and tongs, defending Trump in the wake of his “send them back” tweets and the “send her back” chant that organically arose from them.


“I think the term 'racist' has become a label too often deployed by the left [and] Democrats in this country simply to try to silence and punish and suppress people they disagree with — speech they don’t want to hear,” Miller told host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” “This president has been a president for all Americans.”

Wow. Um, yeah, uh … fuck you?

He sure as shit hasn’t been a president for me. Maybe that should say, “This president has been a president for all Americans without color … especially not gray matter.

Miller countered that the remarks reflected not discrimination, but rather dissent with their political views.

“I fundamentally disagree with the view that if you criticize somebody and they happen to be a different color of skin, that happens to be a racial criticism,” Miller said.

Uh, that’s clearly not what happened, asshole. I noticed Trump didn’t tell Joe Biden to go back to his original country. Hmm, I wonder why. 

“With the 'send-her-back' chant, the president was clear he disagreed with it,” Miller said, referencing a tweet from the president and a resulting cheer that broke out at a reelection campaign rally Wednesday in North Carolina.

He was clear he disagreed with it? Then why didn’t he stop it? I can guarantee if they’d started chanting about the healthy fiber and dense nutrient content of cruciferous vegetables he would have quickly put the kibosh on that. But naked bigotry gets 13 seconds.

So this is how this campaign is going to go, huh? Trump says something unbelievably racist and his enablers lie their asses off claiming that the very thing we saw with our own eyes didn’t really happen the way we remember it.

Well, fuck you. It won’t work. Not this time. We won’t — we can’t — let it.

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