Stephen Miller runs a new RWNJ lobbying group for the voter suppression agenda at the state level. It features some of the usual grifting suspects from the Trump administration.

Lots of expertise with the customized large-member-toilet patent guy and Trump’s major domo who knows a lot about overthrowing an election. Sadly, hate-attacks on one of America’s smallest LGBTQ minorities is somehow the face of voter suppression. Worse is preying on toilet fears.

America First Legal will focus on a few things: executive branch issues and giving Joe Biden headaches.

The big picture: America Legal First will work with state attorneys general and Republican lawyers around the country to file and assist with conservative lawsuits against Biden policies, per the WSJ.

Details: Other alumni from the Trump administration are also on board. The group’s board of directors includes former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and former acting U.S. attorney general Matthew Whitaker.

Trump hasgiven his enthusiastic blessing to the venture. In a statement released Wednesday, he praised Miller as a “fearless, principled fighter.”

  • “As we know, the Radical Left has been relentless in waging their battles in court,” the former president said.
  • “Conservatives and America First supporters badly need to catch up and turn the tables, which is why I applaud Stephen and Mark Meadows for rushing to fill this critical void.”…


The Center for Renewing America, in partnership with America First Legal, wants to hear your story on how Critical Race Theory indoctrination has impacted you, your family, friends, or community.

Our nation is not under assault by loving people as they are. Our nation is under assault by people who hate others for who they are.

From 2014 to 2017, Whitaker served on the advisory board of World Patent Marketing (WPM), a Florida-based company billed as an invention promotion firm. According to an FBI investigation, the advisory board members never met.[53][54] In a 2014 statement Whitaker publicly vouched for WPM, claiming they went “beyond making statements about doing business ‘ethically’ and translate[d] those words into action”.[55]


  • June 11, 2021