Stephen Miller is behind all of the carnage we are facing.  We have known Trump is a puppet and I read and reread Miller’s biography and I wonder why Mueller did not interview him.   The House should start immediate investigations on Stephen Miller.

Based on this, I believe he is the one pulling the strings of all this white nationalism.  Trump is just a cheap suit and there is something bigger and worse ( if you can believe that) than Trump.  He has a mouse in his pocket and it is Stephen Miller.

 He has been rebelling against his upbringing it seems for a long time.  

Miller ( a closer look)…

Miller played a major role in defeating the bipartisan Gang of Eight's proposed immigration reform bill.[18][35] As communications director, Miller was responsible for writing many of the speeches Sessions gave about the bill.[36] Miller and Sessions developed what Miller describes as “nation-state populism,” a response to globalization and immigration that strongly influenced Donald Trump's 2016 campaign. Miller also worked on Dave Brat's successful 2014 House campaign, which unseated Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor.[18]

In October 2017 Trump provided a list of immigration reform demands to Congress, asking for the construction of more wall along the Mexico–United States border, hiring 10,000 additional U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, tightened asylum policies, and the discontinuance of federal funds to sanctuary cities in exchange for any action on undocumented immigrants who arrived as minors. Those immigrants had been protected from deportation under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy until that policy's rescission a month earlier, in September 2017. The New York Timesreported that Miller and Sessions were among the Trump Administration officials who developed the demands.[49]

In May 2018 it was reported Miller had attended a controversial meeting which included George Nader on behalf of two Arab princes, Wikistrat CEO Joel Zamel, Erik Prince, and Donald Trump Jr. on August 3, 2016.[50] The New York Times had also reported in November 2017 that Miller was in regular contact with George Papadopoulos during the campaign about his discussions with Russian government officials.[51]

Why is Stephen Miller not in front of congressional investigators?

Trump is just not that smart but Miller is pure EVIL.  Miller went to Duke University but brought Richard Spencer into some high places.

This I guess many people know but I apologize for not catching up.  We knew he was the author of the inauguration speech and the convention speech but this man is deeply rooted in hate.  He may be the author of all that comes from Trump’s mouth and then Trump goes on his own rant.

Miller and the Duke Conservative Union helped co-member Richard Spencer, a Duke graduate student at the time, with fundraising and promotion for an immigration policy debate in March 2007 between Peter Laufer, an open-borders activist and University of Oregon professor, and journalist Peter Brimelow, founder of the anti-immigration website VDARE. Spencer later became an important figure in the white supremacist movement and president of the National Policy Institute. Spencer coined the term “alt-right“. Spencer said in a 2016 media interview that he had mentored Miller at Duke. Describing their close relationship, Spencer said that he was “kind of glad no one’s talked about this”, for fear of harming Trump.[3] In a later blog post he said the relationship had been exaggerated. Miller has said he has “absolutely no relationship with Mr. Spencer” and that he “completely repudiate[s] his views, and his claims are 100 percent false.”[29][30][31]

That can be checked out and I believe it is 100 percent true that  Miller and Richard Spencer are joined at the hip

Trump needs to be impeached and IMO Miller needs to be jailed for being Trump’s brain of white nationlism who already was a bigot and given a Bully pulpit.   

It looks to me like people like McConnell, Miller, Jim Jordan, and all the haters should be investigated for our national security.   Miller needs to be put under a HUGE microscope.  IMO.

Miller had a hand in the firing of Jim Comey according to this and other writings.  Hell, even Bannon and him fell apart in the WHITE house.  

Miller reportedly played a central role in Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen's resignation on April 7, 2019, as part of a larger department overhaul[63] aimed at steering the Trump administration towards a “tougher” approach on immigration.[14] Nielsen had voiced opposition to a plan Miller supported whereby the Trump administration would carry out mass arrests of undocumented immigrant families in 10 major U.S. cities.[15] Quartz reported that Miller had been purposely leaking information on border apprehensions and asylum seekers to the Washington Examiner so that the paper would publish alarming anti-immigration stories that criticized Nielsen.[64][65] That same month, Representative Ilhan Omar called Miller a white nationalist as part of her comments on the Department of Homeland Security overhaul, which led to backlash from several Republican figures, including Representative Lee Zeldin and Donald Trump Jr., who accused her of anti-Semitismbecause Miller is Jewish.[66] 

It seems to me to the White Nationlist movement, that is so hypocritical and they do not realize except for a few elite know their whole movement is being run by a man who obviously hates his own heritage.  Up is down and down is up.  

It isn’t President Trump.  ( never has been to me) but President Miller.  I used to think it was President Bannon until President Miller ran him off.   (They are all using Trump’s misery for their evil).  Trump will never be president although his base thinks he is.

Look at this man, his eyes are dead.

  • August 8, 2019