Don Winslow is the best-selling author of 21 novels. And, of course, you know Stephen King as the author of the definitive biography of Donald Trump, It

Well, they’d both like to see White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham actually hold a press briefing, which she has somehow failed to do after six months on the job:


Maybe she’s not all that interested because the money would go to charity. Also, she really, really, really doesn’t want to do her job. Nevertheless, she responded. Sort of:


Uh, Stephanie …



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So that was $5 million Trump promised to give to charity if President Obama disproved a vile conspiracy theory about him that, to be fair, he had already debunked.) I’m starting to think any notion that Grisham actually holds this job and title is a QAnon-level conspiracy theory, so maybe these are similar cases.

And whatever Grisham is being paid as Donald Trump’s propaganda minister is patently too much. Maybe she should donate that, simply out of a sense of shame.

Hey, I’m an author, too. No, really! I’ll put in my two cents. Literally. That’s what I’m offering to this ante. Two cents. And I’ll double it if Grisham can get through the entire hour without either lying or morphing into a sandworm and devouring Peter Alexander whole.

So, yeah. I’m not risking much.

But go Stephen King! Go Don Winslow! If somehow I get a book on the New York Times Best-Seller list, I’ll put in even more. I might go as high as a bicentennial quarter. We’ll see. Don’t hold your breath.

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  • January 14, 2020