Stephanopoulos should have responded this way to American Rescue Plan GOP Sen. John Barrasso lies.

Republican Senator John Barrasso appeared on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, very prepared to lie with abandon. Unfortunately, Stephanopoulos made many of them slide.

John Barrasso lied with without abandon

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I wish George Stephanopoulos would have challenged Republican Senator John Barrasso. Unfortunately, he did not. I did so in this video clip to address much of the misinformation from Barrasso.

George asked Barrasso, parroting Speaker Nancy Pelosi, why no Republican supported the American Rescue Plan. His bloviation started at the start of the interview.

“Look, to call this COVID relief is really false advertising,” John Barrasso said. “Only 9 percent of the money actually goes to defeating the virus. Only 1 percent of the money goes for vaccines. This is a Nancy Pelosi payoff to the liberal left. This is something she’s been working on a long time. So, you know, today we see her taking a victory lap to what is now known as the most progressive bill in the history of the United States, according to the White House, and the price of it shows that.”

Barrasso equated a paradigm shift bill, a bill that helps most Americans, as a payoff to the Liberal Left. It is the same message being sung by all Republican politicians. Democrats and Progressives should lean into this attack to dismantle the current instantiation of the Republican Party. You see, this a bill that most Americans will feel. It is a bill they will see make their lives better. Republicans are admitting that left policies help the American poor and middle-class.

Which party supports the poor & middle-class? It is clear.

It is important to point out that Republican politicians are anathema to policies that help the individual American. This must be seared in the minds of every poor and middle-class American. The chart above tells the story. It explains which party supports the people. Show me your bill, and I will tell you whose well-being you are fighting for.

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  • March 14, 2021