Stephanopoulos grills a Trump spokesman who fails to get it even with a COVID infected president

Stephanopoulos grills a Trump spokesman who fails to get it even with a COVID infected president

George Stephanopoulos grilled Trump’s spokesman Jason Miller about the administration’s cavalier attitude on COVID. He slapped down the spin.

Stephanopoulos grilled Trump spokesman

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Jason Miller did the network rounds today effectively continuing to cement the notion that the administration is one built on lies.

Jason made some rather nonsensical statements. He said Trump had to take COVID head-on. According to him, Trump was not going to stay in the White House or the basement. So instead, he went to the hospital. He really said that.

The press had to pull a semblance of truth out of the medical team as they admitted that the president was on oxygen and he was taken to the hospital because the hi health was uncertain.

Stephanopoulos made it clear that the president is infected because if his own irresponsible actions.

“The president had to take it head-on,” Stephanopoulos said. “But he did not have to hold rallies where people had not performed social distancing or did not wear masks. He did not have to mock former Vice-President Joe Biden for wearing a mask and reporters who wore a mask. He didn’t have to continue to go to event after event without wearing a mask.”

Miller’s response should leave everyone perplexed because of its stupidity. He said that the president does not wear masks because he and everyone around them are tested. Well, Trump sill got COVID. Don’t they know the test is an instant in time but more importantly, the quick test they use has a 30% to 50% false-negative rate? That alone should dictate mask-wearing irrespective of being tested.

Miller subtly reverted to the talking points about life having to go on and opening up the economy. They don’t get it. The country must solve the COVID problem first. Trump and his administration will never understand reality. As such, they have forfeited the right to the presidency, and the American citizens will make that clear in November.

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  • October 4, 2020