No link yet, but Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC is reporting that CEO’s of some major companies are pushing back against Trump’s “plan” to reopen the economy on May 1st.  

Quick takes from what she reported:

  • Dartagnan wrote a blog about how Trump is trying to get American business leaders to sign onto his push for a May 1st grand opening of America.  I agree that Trump is trying to pass the blame around when this “decision” is made, and from Ruhle’s report, many of the business leaders listed by Trump in his coronavirus rally yesterday were like, “Huh?  When did I agree to that?!”  This sounds like that infamous coronavirus rally of a month ago.  Remember how Google was supposed to set up a great website for people to sign up for coronavirus testing?  How Walmart and Target were going to turn their parking lots into drive in coronavirus testing?  Never happened, and the companies were blindsided by Trump’s announcement.
  • Two CEO’s she spoke to who were not on the call with Trump about opening up May 1st — Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan and Solomon of Goldman Sachs-  were against it.  They listed the obvious reasons for why we should not rush to ease shelter in place:  lack of coronavirus testing and tracing.

While there are lobbyists and business owners who don’t a fuck about the lives of their employees or others, it seems that some have had it explained to them that rising death rates due to the coronavirus pandemic is bad for their bottom lines.

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