I continue to be more impressed with Stephanie Ruhle like I am with Ali Velshi as they generally attempt to push the limits of journalistic integrity the best they can within the constraints of the corporate media. Here she almost hit a home run. Then again it’s important to note that Ruhle is a former Bloomberg employee who has an international business degree from Lehigh University. Her time spent studying in Guatemala and Kenya may have given her the very noticeable sense of empathy those indoctrinated by our economic system in American business schools fail to have.

Corporate socialism & capitalism for the rest

The dialogue between Ms. Ruhle and Galloway points out the major defect in the capitalism we practice in America at the detriment of most Americans.

“Go higher up the economic food chain and you actually have healthcare workers who are getting their pay cut, who are working in hospital systems owned by private equity giants like KKR,” Ruhle said. “You’ve got health care professionals course suffering. Yet those private equity giants who are supposed to be in a position where they take all sorts of risks and when you take a risks you could get lots of upside but you risk facing great downside and right now the government is stepping in and curbing that downside. We’re having capitalism on the way up and self-imposed socialism on the way down.”

Galloway’s response did not disappoint.

“You’re absolutely right Stephanie,” Galloway responded. “It’s rugged individualism and capitalism and the hunger games on the way up and then on the way down it’s a lot of call signs by CEOs that we’re in this together and sort of a Hallmark Channel like socialism.”

Please listen to the entire video and give me your thoughts.

This was a week brimming with discussions on economic systems. I decided to write another article after several conversations comprising my wife on bottled water, my daughter on Appalachia and idealism, an uncaring capitalist, a Marxist who thought I was not sufficiently “socialist” in my recommendations for economic change, and from someone who does not know what to believe. I invite you to read the article titled “Does my bottled water story make you want this real economic change now?” and comment. I want to do a Politics Done Right program not only on the article but on your thoughts if I get any (anonymously of course).

Please join my YouTube channel so I can get the numbers up to open up some more features and reach more folks. Gracias!

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