Stephanie Ruhle got it right as she slammed the Republicans for their sudden false concern for the deficit as they make Americans suffer.

Stephanie Ruhle exposes the hypocrisy.

Watch the full episode here.

Americans are suffering. It is impossible to have the current level of unemployment and not gave a very stressful population.

Recently Politics Done Right has been covering how some are coping vie the eyes of an independent journalist friend, Bobby Rodrigo, in Oregon and Washington. I am calling the series The Depression Will Not Be Televised.

Americans are used to suffering in silence and our plutocracy is happy to keep it that way, lest more would find our that their best interest lie not with the corporations, but with each other.

The host pointed out to Stephanie Ruhle that Congress seemed to lack the urgency to solve the stimulus problem even as the Federal allocation of unemployment compensation had expired. Worse, the Republicans seem to develop a concern for the deficit only when it affects individual Americans and not corporations. One must remember that the tax cut scam was paid for with borrowed dollars.

Stephanie Ruhle said that the average voter cares little or doe not know about the deficit. She also castigated the president for wanting to open schools with no funding for childcare or the increased equipment to keep schools safe.

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