States rated “toss-up” or “lean Republican” include AL, GA, AZ, ME, CO, NC, MT, IA, and KS

Polls, damn polls, and probabilities. Jennifer Rubin does some wishful thinking 5+ months until Election Day. Never-Trump starts with anti-Trump.The subtext of details is whether senate flippable states also correspond to their presidential prospects.

The full list of (senate) flippable states rated “toss-up” or “lean Republican” includes Alabama, Georgia, Arizona, Maine, Colorado, North Carolina, Montana, Iowa and Kansas, according to a Cook Political report.

Given that, it is hard to comprehend why Republicans are going to wait around for a couple of weeks before considering the House’s Heroes Act, which includes vital state and local funding, without which states will suffer from even more layoffs. You would think at least a few of these Republicans would want to do things that are overwhelmingly popular (e.g. fund testing/tracking, keep first responders employed, give out more direct checks to voters). Instead, they choose to ignore warnings from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome H. Powell and to stand by Trump.

There is no telling how much worse things will get for Trump. The death toll from the pandemic will soar past 100,000 sooner than many models forecast. The economy is not about to come roaring back. And each time Trump says something inane (e.g., boasting about taking hydroxychloroquine, defending his Cabinet members using government employees as butlers), he loses another batch of suburban or older voters. At some point you wonder if Republicans will leap from the sinking ship in an effort to save themselves in November. Probably not until it is too late.…

Trump said about the 90,000+Dead Americans:”they were very old, almost dead”.

“If it was somebody else other than me, people would say gee isn’t that smart.”

  • May 20, 2020