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States can sue states now? OK, GOP! Let's sue some states for voter suppression and no mask mandates

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Texas is making the case to the Supreme Court that its citizens were damaged by how other states conducted their elections. They are seeking to throw out 20 million legally cast votes in four states, and asking SCOTUS push back the date on which electors vote, even though only Congress can change that law. 

The lawsuit was filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is bucking for a pardon from Donald Trump. In 2015, Paxton was arrested for three felony securities fraud charges, and this past October, his own employees accused him of bribery and abuse of office. He’s likely hoping this stunt will ingratiate himself with Trump, who is going to go on a pardon spree very soon.

The Lonestar AG is arguing that state executives can’t change voting rules. This is not only not true, but the Texas governor did the very same thing when he used executive power to extend the early voting period. Kansas and Mississippi, which both signed onto this lawsuit, allowed mail-in ballots to arrive late, yet the lawsuit says that Georgia should not have been able to do that.

Obviously, none of this was thought through, and the case has zero legal merit; yet it bolsters the claim that the GOP has become the fascist party that will ignore the law and do whatever Trump asks them to do. They’ve gone beyond sabotaging elections and now want to straight up cancel them. The fact that so many red states signed onto this lawsuit is disturbing. Having contempt for democracy is not only not a problem in today’s Republican party, it’s a feature.

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