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Standing 'Blue' in the Breach

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There are 11 Democrats still standing in the breach between democracy and autocracy in America. Last night President Trump’s deliverance of the State of the Union subjected us to another cavalcade of lies and showmanship. The uncontrolled immorality of President Donald Trump was on full display, from awarding the Medal of Freedom to a vile radio host and former drug trafficker who smears and slanders women, ethnicities, and people of color for a living, to exploiting the tears of the families of the fallen.  By design, but more likely a product of pettiness, Rush Limbaugh was festooned with the medal while sitting a few feet away from the famed Tuskegee Airmen Colonel Charles E. McGee, during Black History Month—no less. The same Limbaugh who once said,  “the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and Crips without any weapons” and in 2007 he simultaneously insulted both actress Halle Berry and Barack Obama, referring to both as being “Halfrican-American.”  

In the wake of the shameless trip into the fanciful utopia, he has brainwashed his followers into believing, the United States Senate will vote against the removal, following his impeachment, of Mr. Trump today.  In all likelihood, 52 Reds will vote for the equivalent of acquittal and to this point, it appears 48 will stand in the Blue breach.  Those votes, affirmative to the position of Mr. Trump, will probably include Republican Susan Collins of Maine but not Mitt Romney of Utah who both issued admonishing statements of shame and voted for witness John Bolton’s appearance in the Russian-style trial of the President. However, here we are, Senate Majority leader ‘Moscow’ Mitch McConnell managing his ‘Federation Council,’ with direction from the President, overseeing a sham trial for fear of tweet.    

Yes, this was a Russian-styled trial with the exception of the House of Representatives dissenting, unlike the Soviet equivalent—the Duma which would never oppose Putin for fears well beyond a tweet.  One of the President's lawyers, Pat Cipollone, we learned from the press, had direct knowledge of the President's abuse of power, making him a fact witness—conflict of interest much?  As I watched the current Head of the Department of Justice, William Barr, stand and applaud every cough, sniff, and mispronunciation by the President with rabid enthusiasm, it gave me a chill.  Barr, who in recent writings seems to share the same philosophy as Alan Dershowitz and Richard Nixon, that if a President does it, it is not illegal, should send a shiver down the spine of every right-thinking American.

True or not, from the time we could understand the basics of American law and philosophy we have been taught that “no man is above the law.” Sure, sure we all know that race, money, celebrity, and other quirks affect outcomes, but we hold to the principle that our leaders are not kings and queens.  I watched an American President last night generalize people of color by using stories of rape, murder, and violence as the barometer for immigration. He got applause for his proposal to destroy the federal public education system, of which he [Trump] is in charge.  He told the American people he would never destroy Medicare or Social Security while his cohorts work to do that very thing.  He lied saying he would stand for the rights of patients with existing health conditions to get coverage while his administration is literally in court to take it away.  The Democratic Party and those willing to vote with them are holding for reinforcements in the breach.

Vote in 2020 for Change.      

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