Stand up..Speak up…Be kind but fierce and act like the powerhouse you are.

There is a secret to leadership and importance and I know because I have failed many times and it is not what happens to you in life but how you react to the things life throws.   I believe, we all are important and have a measure of leadership about us.   Sometimes leading is not what people may perceive.  Sometimes it is just standing firm and not wavering or drifting.  

I have fallen into depressions, anxiety, and will again but the pulling yourself up by the bootstraps is the key to keep on keeping on.   We can do nothing, alone but it starts with a mindset of a lone decision to be who we are supposed to be.  The best we can be.  

I was brought up in a little Baptist Church that was taught about right and wrong which different people interepret different ways but about how to treat your fellow man and what to expect when life seems to turn upon you. 

My Daddy was a country preacher who never hated anyone but he was very strong about being kind, and compassionate and loving but as time passed, my Daddy got tired of the phony hypocrisy he was witnessing by the so called leaders of churches.   He never lost his faith nor belief in that faith but would call out hypocrisy when he saw it.  He would not curse or swear but after speaking his mind of what he thought was a doubled minded man which according to the scriptures , is unstable in all of his ways.   We have a lot of doubleminded people in this world and in this country.   All we have to do is look at the Grahams and  others who say one thing on Fox and another thing in private.   They are so double minded they can’t keep up with what their policy is from one day to another.   They debate themselves.   We need to call that out.

I watched the Late Honorable Elijah Cumming’s, pastor today.  I was surely impressed because it took me back to a time when I would listen to my Daddy preach.  He preached love not hate.  He preached kindness not revenge.  He preached truth not lies.   I was smiling today as I watched the good Pastor preach like I was used to hearing.  This pastor preached inspiration and postive instead of negativity. 

 WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS !  Isn’t that what Rep. Cummings said often?

  YOU as a citizen have a duty and a charge to be a messenger of truth and soldier for preservation of what this republic stands for. We as We the people cannot sit back and wait for our lives and liberty to be run roughshod over.  We cannot let the men and women who have fought and marched and bled for this country to die in vain without taking a stand.  It is our duty and our charge to pick up the baton and be the dream of a better nation.  It is our duty to not be afraid to speak up when we see what we know is wrong, like lies, perversion, wicked destruction and bloodshed happening on a daily basis in this country.  This does not mean we have to stand on a street corner pointing fingers and making threats.   It may mean carrying a bag of groceries, helping in our communities, speaking truth to power through letters, or correcting people who lie and say it is a lie and then give them the truth whether they accept it or not.

Being a soldier for a democracy does not mean just battle online and letting the wrongdoers walk all over us in real life.   Sometimes a soldier for democracy means writing letters to editors, joining a local campaign, stand steady without waver, and to control the message with truth.   It means stand in soladarity for what we know to be self evident concerning justice.  It means registering voters.

It means getting souls to the polls.  It means taking care of ourselves and focus. It means volunteering.  It means registering voters and educating what we learn as truth and educating as best we can the people who will cast a vote.  Some will listen, some won’t, but we have to soldier on.

I know this to be true but I am like many of you, it is easy to fall into the depression of self defeat and hope Wonder Woman or Superman will come in and save the day.  That is fantasy.   If you want freedom, you have to be willing to sacrafice something.   You have to be willing to march for freedom and truth.  Now is the time to be stronger and more sure footed than ever.   The enemy of We the People is just noise that is loud and can be defeated.  It can be overcome.  This country needs a shakeup.  It needs alert, sober minded serious people to stand against the trouble we are in.  We the people are the rescuers.  No one else.

Are you older than former President Carter?  He still soldiers on.  Are you more sick than Rep. Elijah Cummings, who wrote supoenas on his death bed?  Are you able to sign petitions and spend a little time to do something to make a difference because you are empowered by your desire to make life better for you and your children.  People recognize passion and honesty.  They get inspired.  Don’t believe it?  Watch a baseball game, or football game or any sports where they stand and cheer not because they even care about playing the game but need something to excite them and someone has to stand first and applaud.    This is all the opposition has…a rah rah loud bullhorn with no real message.  People want leadership.  They are like people thirsting in a desert needing a drink or sip of water and then see a mirage and drink the sand.   They will choke on the sand and this is where we are.   A mirage called Make America Great Again was a loud pile of lying promises and those less educated in the political world or gaslighted are swallowing the sand and choking all of us.

We have to unify.  We have to stand and if it is just getting together or sending letters of encouragement to those who need to know we have their backs, then we must do it.   Many of us do that now but more of us need to do it more often and some need to realize their potential for change.  One life touches another.  We live by example.

We have to take this country back. You will become more empowered with each time you stand and make yourself and your beliefs known with something other than apathy.  Apathy is dangerous.    

We need to stick together and make a pledge to follow these candidates and rec up articles and help GOTV when they appear on Daily Kos.  Yosef and Tracy do a great job as some others introducing us to candidates.  We need to get to know our own local and statewide candidates and help them, not just in money but time and postcards and volunteering.   Democracy is hard work when evil people are trying to destroy it.   Let us learn from Elijah Cummings and be firm and unwavering in our pursuit of a country we can improve and save.   

Thanks for listening and who am I?  Just another soldier but now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.  NOW….Right now.

For those who need REAL inspiration and missed it.. Here is the celebration the Honorable Elijah Cummings funeral.   The last 15 minutes will have you rooting from your chair.

Just do it… You will feel better and recognize the noise as just a diversion.