Spoiler Alert: I Did NOT Like the Latest Game of Thrones Episode.

Not that the writersof Game of Thrones miniseries give a shit what I think, but I was disappointed in the trajectory of Dany’s character.  A person who wants to break the wheel decides to destroy a city that she didn’t need to?  And what is supposed to happen now?  Is Jon going to be forced to kill Dany?  And if you kill Daenerys, do we have to kill the dragon too?  What is to happen to magic if they do that?

And if you ask me, Cersei did not die a horrible enough death.  

Yes, I understand the symbolism of everything falling down on top of Cersei.  She was a excellent villainess in that she could destroy, and Cersei couldn’t govern to safe her life.  Literally.

But to have Jaime throw his life away for Cersei after moving toward redemption?

And while Euron Greyjoy got to see his fleet destroyed and was killed by a “cripple,” there really should have been a more horrible death for him too.  But, given that his character was a sociopath who thought life was boring, I suppose there is no truly horrific death for such a person.

Qyburn the medieval Nazi scientist got a just death.  It was predictable that his monster would kill him.  And I did like Sandor’s line about the Mountain’s appearance as his true self.  The books demonstrated that the Mountain was one of the worst monsters.  

Varys’ death was foreshadowed by Melisandre.  It was a bad way for him to go though, especially given his fear/hatred of magic.  I’d hate magic too if I was castrated by a wizard.

It was very poignant the scene between Jaime and Tyrion.  It was probably the most touching thing in this episode, with the exception of Sandor saving Arya from ruin.  I had feared that Arya was going to throw her life away on revenge, but it seems the Many Faced God was “Not today.”

I will miss seeing Sandor Cleagane’s character on the TV.  While shown at first as a villain in the books, there was much more to him as portrayed in the miniseries.

Well, those are my initial thoughts on the second to last episdoe on Game of Thrones.

  • May 13, 2019