Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Has Made History For Another Important Reason…

Outside of Donald Trump’s parents, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is probably the first person to say “No” to Donald Trump on anything and get away with it.  Seriously.  Who is the last person to ever say “No, you cannot have that or do that” to Trump?  The only person I can think of with the power to tell Trump “No” was his old man.  And you know that was not a battle of wills.  It was simply because his father controlled all the money.

Hey, come to think of it.  Doesn’t Speaker Pelosi have the keys to the government vaults now?  I seem to recall this little thing about Congress being the institution where money was appropriated for the government.

Add that to the list of things that Trump never learned about.

The irony of this particular situation is Pelosi’s sex.  It would be bad enough for Trump that anyone told him “No” and got away with it.  His old man is dead, so Trump does not have to deal with that situation.  But for a man who who hates women as much as Trump does, this has really got to be hell.  

It really is too bad that Omarosa is still not in the White House.  We might then have had audio of Trump screaming about this shitstorm.    Too bad.