Source close to Melania, on potential Trump 2024 run: 'That might not go over well'

Donald Trump is the grift that keeps on grifting. And he has 42 more days to embarrass our country and everyone in it.

And, damn, is he ever obliging.

He’s almost completely given up on governing so he can focus 100 percent on keeping the job he has no interest in doing. In the meantime, he’s turning the greatest democracy in the history of the world into a pre-Enlightenment backwater.

Or at least he’s trying to.

Very few people have the stomach for more of this, and apparently Melania Trump is among those ready to rebuff Admiral Ipecac and His Dyspeptic Kool-Aid Acid Test. 


In mid-November, as President Donald Trump railed against the election results, his wife, first lady Melania Trump publicly agreed with his sentiments. But privately, a handful of days after the final state tally, the first lady tasked an emissary with discreetly finding out what was available to her in terms of budget and staff allocation for post-White House life.
While the President is busy figuring out a way to stay in the White House, the first lady is determining what to put in storage, what goes to Trump's New York City digs, and what should be tagged for shipment to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.
“She just wants to go home,” said another source familiar with Melania Trump's state of mind. Asked how the first lady feels about rumors her husband might announce a 2024 bid, the source added: “That might not go over well.”

Yeah, join the club, Melania.

Personally, I’m hoping Trump retires to an Adderall den somewhere in Thailand and leaves us all the fuck alone for, well, always. He can start a government-in-exile that somehow does even less than the government he allegedly ran for four years. 

If no countries will take him, there’s always the Great Pacific Garbage Patch — which should probably be renamed Trump Island anyway, come to think of it.

Melania can join him. Or not. As long as she goes away, I’ll be happy.

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  • December 9, 2020