Sounds Like Vice President of American Soybean Association Has a Bad Case of Gas Over Trump Tariffs.

It will still take a lot of damage before farmers who voted for Trump to think — not publicly admit — that they bet the farm and lost, but the vice president of the American Soybean Association appears to have stopped drinking the Kool Aid when it comes to Trump’s tariffs and his $12 billion dollar aid package:

While the aid package will help in the short term, Kentucky farmer Davie Stephens said the soybean industry is “pushing for a long-term solution.”

“The administration has truly disrupted our marketplace,” said Stephens, who is the vice president of the American Soybean Association.

OK.  I don’t know for certain if Davie Stephens voted for Trump, but this sort of gives me a clue that he is a Republican:

But Stephens and the American Soybean Association are urging the Trump administration to complete NAFTA and Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations by the end of the year so they can have a clearer idea of the markets for next year's crop.

Yes, it’s possible to be a Democrat, a Kentucky farmer, and be for NAFTA and the TPP, but you kind of see the diminishing probabilities of all being true.

But I digress…

Stephens doesn’t sound all super-supportive of the Incredible Trump though.  Most farmers who love them some Trump say that times are getting tough, but Trump will work it all out!  They normally don’t say that Trump has “disrupted our marketplace.”  

And it is not like the Incredible Trump has done them any favors:

Soybeans lead American agricultural exports, but since Trump imposed his tariffs, their prices have dropped to a 10-year low. They closed at $8.61 a bushel on Wednesday.

Sounds more like “Trump SMASHES soybean prices!”

And there are others besides Stephens who don’t sound very supportive.  I recommend you look at the article.

Oh yeah.  Stephens does say “times are tough”:

“We know we’re in tough times,” Stephens said. “Will this $12 billion help? Will it solve it? No.”