Sound the Alarm! Racist DeSantis builds massive lead in early ballots returned by Republicans

An important reminder: The next governor of Florida will pick not one, not two, but THREE state Supreme Court Justices his first week in office.  This is kind of a big deal.

The Florida governor’s race is one that we are not only expected to win, but also have to win. This race isn’t just important for Florida's sake: Our state Supreme Court has been the only saving grace from the GOP’s blatant attempts at election rigging, and that fail-safe will disappear. Why do you think Trump has openly expressed his fear about losing this race in Florida? He knows his re-election chances drop significantly without a toady in the governor’s mansion “helping” him win, which is why he is sending cabinet officials, Pence, Kellyanne, and other sycophants to barnstorm across his adopted home state. 

Several blue counties, including Orange County, started early voting (EV) Monday. All Florida counties are now in the EV period. Although Ron DeSantis is behind in every single poll for Florida governor, he is currently winning in the only one that matters: numbers of Republican ballots returned. Not only has the election already started, but 30 percent of the vote has been completed already.