Sorry, Republicans. You're basically just Matt Gaetz now

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic transformed the country and Donald Trump transformed his body into a Carl’s Jr. grease trap, Trump himself has all but Brundlefly’d the Republican Party—to the point where I don’t know what the fuck it is anymore.

What are the GOP’s principles? Well, four years of Trump showed us what they aren’t. They don’t stand for fiscal responsibility or family values anymore. Small government? We spent much of the last year watching small-government principles at work. Only they weren’t small-government principles so much as incompetent-government principles. And Americans were not impressed.

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April 27, 2021 8:15 pm

[…] naturally Republicans like Boebert want to throw more money at their wealthy benefactors. Biden, on the other hand, is […]

May 2, 2021 3:31 pm

[…] disturbing part of Scott’s harangue was when he raised the matter of race. As the only Black Republican in the Senate he has some license to speak on the subject. Sadly, he wasted it. He forcefully […]

May 4, 2021 3:31 pm

[…] oath of office. Today that number is 70% in just a hundred days. Yes, the vaccines were developed basically on science that came along before Donald Trump became president. But sure, I am happy to give the Trump administration credit for moving that […]

May 5, 2021 1:14 pm

[…] itself. “The shocking events of the last 24 hours clearly demonstrate that President Donald Trump intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of […]

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