Sorry folks, but the Democrats are too incompetent to impeach Trump

Today’s impeachment hearing featuring Corey Lewandowski was an utter embarrassment for Democrats, and destroyed any notion that the Democratic leadership possesses even the semblance of competence that would be required to impeach President Trump.

Believe me, I wish this weren’t true. But as an adult, I have to face facts.  Nadler et al. we’re unfocused, performed poorly and clearly have no strategy for how to get from point A to point B. A few quick, damning points:

  1.   Trump and Lewandowski‘s invocation of a baseless privilege should’ve been expected and is no excuse for Democrats. This was a hostile witness for an obstruction of justice claim, and the witness unsurprisingly came in and further obstructed justice. This should have been a gift. Instead it left the Democrats stuttering and muttering.
  2.   The baseless privilege claim should’ve been litigated when they were raised months ago (in connection with other witnesses). Democrats dawdled  and then went forward with the hearing anyway as if they were totally unprepared as well.

  3.    Democrats months ago also should have litigated to obtain the underlying Mueller interview and grand jury transcripts.  Instead they went in with little to nothing to cross-examine the witness on. 

  4.    If each house member refuses to give up his time before the cameras (so that one questioner can coherently craft a narrative), then they at least have to coordinate with each other so they don’t just repeat the same questions over and over.

  5.  At minimum, how about having effective demonstratives and, at bare minimum, have notes of the appropriate volume and page numbers immediately ready at hand.

 There is more I could say. But the above demonstrated such a lack of strategy, effort or talent. Given all this, I can’t really waste any more time thinking about the possibility of impeachment.  It is painfully clear that my team just isn’t up to it

  • September 17, 2019