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Sorry, Donald Trump can't answer your question about Zimbabwe right now

Okay, check out the second tweeted video. (I’m not sure how to separate these; I guess my tweetering skills are subpar.)


Ha ha ha ha ha!

The look on his face at the end there just screams, “Oh, shit! I really hope Zimbabwe is a real country. I won’t survive another ‘Wakanda’ gaffe. Worst cabinet meeting ever.” 

Somewhere between Trump picturing Vladimir Putin naked on a futon made of Egg McMuffins and the cartoon jug band playing “Turkey in the Straw” in his head, our pr*sident realized he’d actually have to answer a question about an African country that sounded vaguely real.

And he didn’t miss a beat: “We’re looking at Zimbabwe right now.”

Translation: “Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, mmmm … I got nuffim, George. Quick, say something presidential!”

I’ve always thought the best way for any reporter to handle Trump would be to pepper him with basic questions about policy, government, history, and general trivia — instead of pretending he’s a real president or, well, an actual human being.

He knows nothin’ about nothin’. And if he’s forced to debate a policy wonk like Elizabeth Warren — and if they actually stick to policy — it could shock a lot of people.

They again, he is a champion yeller. I’ll give him that much.

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